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Scan Group are fully committed to REACH the European Unions chemical regulation governing body. The new regulations pro-actively promoting the development of alternative methods. By helping to reduce hazardous substances found in substances. The new regulations apply to substances and mixtures. To ensure a high level of protection for human health and the environment are continually maintained. REACH publish regular articles containing information relating to substances from the candidate list. Including detailed documentation on hazardous substances. This is helping to increase competitiveness within the chemical substance manufacturing industry. By ultimately assisting to promote innovation within the sector.

Scan Group Customer Information

Scan Group continually ensure that both customers and suppliers are fully informed. In relation to all chemicals present in our products. We always process chemical substances in accordance with the documentation and guidelines. That is provided by the supplier or manufacturer in accordance with EU regulations. This includes informing customers in compliance with REACH. When substances on the candidate list are present in products with a concentration above 0.1%(w/w). If you need further clarification in relation to products containing substances found on the candidate list. Please contact our dedicated REACH help-desk for more information.

Scan Group Supplier Information

Suppliers are responsible for ensuring the registration of all substances supplied. If the registration is not performed within the designated time period. The substance cannot be sold in the EU until the complete registration dossier is approved by the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency, Helsinki). Producers/importers inside the European Union must register their own substances or join a SIEF (Substance Information Exchange Forum). Non-EU suppliers may be able to appoint an “Only Representative” who usually takes over all registration obligations. Please note Scan Group’s use of substances must be clearly documented. By inclusion in the supplier registration dossier submitted to REACH. Suppliers are fully responsible for ensuring that the delivered articles do not contain any substances from the Candidate List. Enquiries and information from suppliers must be directed to the procurement department. Who is responsible for purchasing your products or substances.