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Railway Industry

Corrosion is a well-known safety problem within the railway industry. Currently costing organisations operating in this sector billions of pounds every year. Our specialist range of corrosion protection solutions designed for the railway industry applications. Are applied by manufacturers and rolling stock operators during production or scheduled maintenance. The OEM product solutions have proven ability based on test report data information. In significantly reducing overall corrosion and stone chipping damage on railway wheelsets. Even when trains are operating in harsh weather environments. Applying the most effective corrosion protection coating product and paint system can increase the wheel-set life by up to 50%.

Railway Corrosion Protection Solutions

We also provide product solutions to ensure railway electrical installations remain pollution free. So they are not affected by adverse weather conditions that can lead to system failure. Metal shavings and particles continually created by passing wagons. Present a constant hazard that can cause circuit shortages in electrical installation units. The specialist advanced coatings also help in preventing switches from freezing during winter weather conditions. Enabling railway networks to remain operational even when temperatures fall below -55 degrees.