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Product Types

Scan Group currently manufacture and supply the following chemical substance product types. Including Additives, Aviation Fuel Additives, Chelates, Hydrocarbons, Inorganics, Military Specification, Monomers, Oils, Olechemicals, Pigments, Plastizers, Polymers, Resins, Silica, Silicones, Solvent Blends and Solvents.
A substance that is added to an existing product usually in small quantities to enchance or preserve it.
Aviation Fuel Additives
Additives are normally applied to aviation fuel to improve performance whilst helping to eliminate unwwanted effects.
Are typically an organic compound containing a ligand tht is bonded to a central metal atom.
Are an organic compound constructed by only two elements hydrogen and carbon in a chain or ring structure.
Are a composed substance matter that do not contain plant or animal mineral.
Military Specification
Standardisation ensures products meet certain requirements, commonality and reliability requirements.
Is the term provided to a repeating unit within a polymer chain.
Are nonpolar chemical viscous liquid substances containing high carbon and hydrogen levels.
Are chemicals that are derived from animal and plant fats. They are analogous to petrochemicals.
Are a material that changes the colour of reflected or transmitted light by wavelength selective absorption.
Are added to polymers during processing to increase flexiblity and toughness of products.
When monomers join to create chains a chemical reaction called polymerisation occurs to form polymers.
Unreactive hard compound that is found in mineral quartz, rocks and sandstone.
Contain polymers with alternate silicon and oxygen atoms that a resistant to chemical attack.
Solvent Blends
Liquids are mixed together to provide a desired flow or evaporation process.
A substance that is able to dissolve another substance to create a dispersed mixture solution.
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