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Private labelling

We currently work with many organisations to provide packaging and private labelling services. With our strict quality assurance procedures and production control guidelines. This includes tracking all process stages to deliver quality products. Also by quality control testing incoming raw materials with full traceability. We are able to deliver products that meet your exact specifications. This includes private labelling packaging services for custom blends and on-site blending.

Private Label Design & Packaging Service

Our internal laboratory is able to work with your organisation to develop new products. Or enhance existing products within your brand portfolio. Including corrosion protection, solvents, lubricants, greases, sealants, bonding and adhesive coatings. The internal design and marketing department can also provide additional help. With generating custom artwork and label designs including printing services. With our custom packaging services, we have a wide range of suitable containers. The following product size variants are available cartridges, aerosols, canisters, pints, cans, pails, drums and barrels.