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Industrial OEM

Due to our extensive range of advanced product solutions. We are the preferred partner to many global industrial OEM manufacturing organisations. By currently sourcing or manufacturing bespoke customised product solutions for corrosion control. With coatings that provide strong anti-stone chip protection for industrial vehicles. Due to industrial vehicles sometimes being exposed to the harshest environments on earth for long periods of time. We work closely with leading OEM manufacturers by conducting rigorous testing. To provide long-term protective coating solutions that help to prolong the vehicles life.

Industrial Corrosion Protection Products

The extensive range of solvent-based, low VOC, waterborne, high solid and zero emission corrosion protection coatings. Including underbody chassis, cavity wax and rust converter products. Are usually applied during the manufacturing stage. Or when any on-going vehicle maintenance or servicing is performed. Our research and development work closely with commercial vehicle manufacturers, industrial vehicle manufacturers and coachbuilders. To implement OEM approved corrosion protection product application processes.

Bitumen based Corrosion Protection

Also, due to the highly corrosive mixture with rock salt and melting snow. We provide OEM approved bitumen based anti-corrosion protective underseal chassis coatings. That are commonly applied to road salt spreaders and gritting vehicles. The specialist robust PVC layer coating provides excellent abrasion resistance and demonstrates self-healing characteristics.

Industrial Bonding & Sealant Solutions

Scan Group also procure or manufacture OEM approved bonding, sealing and adhesive solutions. That are widely used throughout the industrial vehicle manufacturer and aftermarket industry sectors. The product solutions are commonly used throughout vehicle construction. With floor covering, side wall, interior skeleton and roof fitting applications.