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Energy Installations

With governments looking to reduce our environmental impact. By launching initiatives for global energy providers to meet targets. For finding and investing in more sustainable green renewable energy sources. The Scan Group currently supply protective coatings to manufacturers and operators. Including hydropower stations, solar energy installations, coastal wave energy and wind turbine farms throughout Europe. The specialist coatings help to protect off-shore wind turbine farms from the harsh demanding weather conditions of open sea. By protecting them against continual exposure of extremely corrosive salt water spray on a daily basis. We also have products that protect pipelines under and within solar panels against condensation.

Wind Turbine Corrosion Protection

Our range of products suitable for this highly sensitive business sector. Includes environmentally friendly solvent-free and fully biodegradable solutions. That are able to provide protection in the toughest environments on earth. To reduce deterioration or corrosion problems that shorten the life-span of mechanical parts or components. This includes bio-degradable coatings that are fully compliant with environmental regulations and are off-shore zone two approved.