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Corrosion Resistance Testing

Scan Group currently assist many blue-chip organisations. Including global automotive and industrial manufacturers with corrosion resistance testing. Within our own in-house research and development facilities. We provide clients with salt spray chamber and climatic chamber testing services. In accordance with any international standardisation requirements. The organisation have recently made a significant investment in this service. By purchasing the very latest advancements in corrosion resistance testing technology and equipment. We are also able to recommend protective coatings and conduct corrosion resistance testing. Before production line implementation to ensure suitability.

Salt Spray Testing Service

The salt spray chamber testing service we provide is a very economical procedure to analyse effectiveness. For coatings, paints, mechanical parts, components and small metal objects. With our salt spray chambers incorporating the latest innovative software systems. We can expose your product to intensive salt based atmospheric conditions. By creating a cyclic computer program schedule. To control the conditions and speed up the corrosion process.

Climatic Chamber Testing Service

With materials, coating surfaces, components, parts and general products. Exposure to hot or cold conditions can cause a wide range of different reactions. This can cause certain items including mechanical parts or electrical components to stop or become faulty. It’s also possible to analyse the effects of premature ageing. Due to the prolonged effects of high or low temperatures over a period of time. The climatic chamber can be pre-programmed to replicate the exact weather conditions. Enabling you to simulate the transportation of an automotive part from China to the UK. During the climatic chamber testing cycle, it’s also possible to put in place thermal shocks. By introducing sudden and extreme temperature changes. You also have the opportunity to accelerate the conditions. With the incorporation of the following extra features listed below:

  • Solar heating incorporating extreme temperatures
  • Moisture changes
  • Corrosive atmospheres
  • Altitude
  • Humidity
  • UV degradation
  • Temperature cycling
  • Relative humidity