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With aviation passenger volumes continuing to rise due to low costs air travel. Airports must remain operational 24/7 to service this growing demand, to minimise the impact of any disruption or delays. That can quickly lead to compensation claims from inconvenienced passengers. We recommend applying corrosion protection treatments to air-side vehicles during production assembly. Then again during cyclic maintenance services to keep them fully operational. Our innovative OEM approved corrosion protection rust prevention coatings. Are currently applied to emergency vehicles, ground crew vehicles, runway maintenance vehicles, pushback tractors and airport de-icing vehicles.

Aviation Corrosion Protection

Our research and development team work closely with aviation vehicle manufacturers and operators. To provide innovative economical solutions for new or existing problems. This includes working in close conjunction with air-side aviation de-icing vehicle manufacturers. By providing advanced corrosion prevention coatings due to them being vulnerable with rusting.

Aviation Installation Corrosion Prevention

The coatings we supply also assist in protecting important airport infrastructure systems. With protective treatment coatings applied to installations. Used to monitor and track passenger aeroplanes arriving or departing from the airport. This information is vital for air traffic control to remain operational. These specialist coatings also help to protect complex electronic systems and moveable parts. Whilst helping to reduce ongoing maintenance requirements. We also manufacture and supply specialist innovative coatings to protect outdoor electronic SSR and ILS radar system installations.