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Automotive OEM

We are able to provide an extensive range of corrosion protection coatings. Including vehicle under-body chassis coatings and penetrating cavity waxes. The products are OEM approved and applied to vehicles during the assembly process. On the production lines of many global automotive manufacturing organisations. This also includes working closely with suppliers to OEM automotive plants. By providing specialist expertise with protecting incoming parts from corrosion or when storing components on-site.

Automotive OEM Corrosion Protection

Our technical product engineers can also provide production line improvement recommendations. By examining current process procedures within your organisation. This includes working with automotive manufacturers in-house research and development department. To solve new or existing problems with economical solutions. By providing extensive testing support and product application guidance procedures prior to implementation. We also provide transportation waxes for protecting vehicles during transportation and storage. Or during export when exposed to the corrosive atmospheric conditions whilst at sea. The product coatings are also applied by import hubs and vehicle dealerships. Operating throughout the UK, Ireland and countries within the European Union.

Automotive Aftermarket Product Solutions

The wide range of automotive product solutions we provide are also frequently used throughout the aftermarket sector. With easy to use solvent-free products specifically created for this market. This ensures they can be safely applied in an open workshop environment. When careful considerations to the indoor environment climate must be observed.